Anillo con inscripción de Torre Uchea (Hellín, Albacete)


  • Isabel Velázquez Soriano


Notes on the find: a gold ring from Torre Uchea (Hellín, Albacete), and above all study of its inscription. The ring has an inscription wich up to now has not been read but which the author deciphers. The texts is placed in relation to those which are already known and there is an attempt to identify the pattern in order to interpret it. The author supposes that it must be read in a circular way, beginning from the bottom and she gives an acceptable reading of the inscription. This ring is one of the most interesting pieces of its kind in Spain.


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Biografía del autor/a

Isabel Velázquez Soriano

Dep. Latín. Univ. Complutense.
Cómo citar
Velázquez Soriano, I. (1998). Anillo con inscripción de Torre Uchea (Hellín, Albacete). Antigüedad y Cristianismo, (5), 255–258. Recuperado a partir de

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