El elemento acuático en las iglesias visigodas

  • N. Veas Ruiz
  • J. C. Sánchez


The article begins remindering the lector of our lacli of information in regards to the origin of the christian places of worship and attempts to penetrate more deeply into the problem, trying to establish the relationship, certain or possible, between the christian centers of worship and ancient water cults. The authors refer to the documents which supply us with information on these cults and comment on the symbolism which the water has always had in all the cultures. They also mention some cases in which a Chistianization of the ancient water cults took place and remind us of the existence of several temples of the Visigothic period which reveal a close relationship with the aquatic uses of the pagan era. The article ends with an outline of the panoramic vision of the problem of the Christianization of pagan cults.


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Veas Ruiz, N., & Sánchez, J. C. (1990). El elemento acuático en las iglesias visigodas. Antigüedad Y Cristianismo, (7), 487-493. https://doi.org/10.6018/ayc.61871