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Antigüedad y Cristianismo is a scientific journal of international scope specialized in Late Antiquity and published annually by the University of Murcia. It was founded in 1984 by Professor Antonino González Blanco, and throughout its decades of existence it has avoided synthesis or merely descriptive works and has welcomed a wide variety of monographs, articles, news and contributions of an original and scientific nature in all fields of Late Antiquity (material culture, literary sources, mentality, historiography, repertoire of novelties and book criticism, among others). This broad-spectrum dimension has not led to the neglect of other research focused on specific geographical areas, in which historical aspects have been dealt with in their regional manifestation, without altering the level of scientific demand when it comes to providing original and novel elements as opposed to mere reworking or synthesis. Truthfulness and honesty are the most precious identifying traits for the journal Antigüedad y Cristianismo, so we will establish guidelines for work based strictly on the serious and scientific methodology of the work of the researcher.

This journal is open to all methodological approaches and orientations that pass the relevant examination of the editorial board, inviting aspirants to present a general topic or monographic for discussion that serves as a conceptual and thematic framework for the manuscripts submitted. The distinctive feature of the editorial line of this journal is the search for original works, unpublished, clear and concise, which can make a new contribution, professionally and methodologically solvent, significant in the field of studies of Late Antiquity.