Traits of personality and development of the creativity

  • Olivia López Martínez
  • Juan Navarro Lozano
Keywords: Creativity, personality, extraversion, anxiety, improvement


The human being is the most important element in creativity. Besides, one of the most recurrent objectives in the research of creativity has been the identification of psychological traits - either intellectual or personality ones- that characterize creative people. The goal of the present work is to explore whether there are personality traits that make a signifi-cant impact on the development of creativity. With that aim in mind, we used a sample of 90 students from a Pre-school and Primary Education School: from the Altiplano area (Jumilla) in the Autonomous Region of Murcia (Spain). Our objectives and the hypothesis posed, as well as the characteristics of the selected sample, lead us to a quasi-experimental methodology, where there will be an experimental group and a control group equivalent to the first one. The results show that the rise in creativ-ity -obtained by applying a programme to improve creativity- is signifi-cantly related to some personality traits such as extraversion and anxiety.


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