La percepción estudiantil de la simulación clínica: una visión general de su importancia en el pregrado


  • Jorge Andrés Castrillón Lozano Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia
  • Michelle Ariana Polo Martínez
  • Rita Fernanda Campo Jiménez
Palabras clave: Educación médica, Ejercicio de simulación, Percepción


Mr. Editor:


The manuscript by Ramos and Botero, entitled: "Perception of clinical simulation as didactics in the teaching of postpartum hemorrhage in the Degree in Medicine" has been studied with great interest. It is of great interest to highlight the student perception after the execution of simulation-based education activities as one of the most recommended student preparation and training tools today. The clinical simulation consists of the realization of fictitious scenarios, based on real practice, which aims to simulate a problem that the student must solve in order to be evaluated and that criticism will be obtained about her actions in the face of said problem situation. It has been shown that the use of simulation is effective in improving knowledge and creating a context that can interrelate basic sciences with clinical practice, which can be reflected when caring for a patient. The main challenges and difficulties of higher education in Colombia and highlight that within the range of difficulties present in the country, they prioritize inequality in the acquisition of knowledge, lack of competence and applicability in knowledge of Information and Communication Technologies in the learning spaces. In conclusion, this initiative can also be used during undergraduate studies and its implementation through innovative strategies and the objective evaluation of the skills acquired will contribute to the understanding of the need to migrate from medical education to this type of teaching.


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Castrillón Lozano, J. A., Polo Martínez, M. A., & Campo Jiménez, R. F. (2022). La percepción estudiantil de la simulación clínica: una visión general de su importancia en el pregrado . Revista Española de Educación Médica, 3(2).