Sobre el mosaico perdido de Galatea. Itálica (Sevilla)


  • María Pilar San Nicolás Pedraz


This is a brief study of some of the insuficiently studied aspects of the lost mosaics from Galatea, Italy, carried out with the intention of helping towards a réévaluation of this pavement and of all the Italian mosaics in general. The decoration of the paviment has been studied and also the iconography of the four compositions wich compose the mosaic, where we can observe a combination of a wide variety of themes and representations: hunting scenes, fires, Venus and Adonis, and the battle of Eros and Pan. At the same time the relations with other mosaics from Hispania, Italy and the North of Africa are established.


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María Pilar San Nicolás Pedraz

Departamento de Prehistoria e Historia Antigua. UNED.
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San Nicolás Pedraz, M. P. (1991). Sobre el mosaico perdido de Galatea. Itálica (Sevilla). Antigüedad y Cristianismo, (8), 531–540. Recuperado a partir de