Anales de Psicologia journal from a social networks framework

  • María Peñaranda-Ortega
  • Elena Quiñones-Vidal
  • Julia Osca-Lluch
Keywords: Anales de Psicologia journal, social networks analysis, scientifical collaboration, psychology


This paper shows the results obtained on the analysis of the journal Anales de Psicología. In this article, authors analyze the collaboration between authors, institutions and countries for this journal. This collabo-rational analysis is made on the basis of the Social Network Analysis (SNA) with the software Pajek and Ucinet. The studied period covers from 1984 to 2009, which are the first 25 years of Anales de Psicologia jour-nal. Results indicate a great increase of collaboration in the last years of life of this scientifical journal. Specifically, 955 authors, belonging to 161 institutions of 21 countries, have been publishing on it. Collaboration results of these researchers are showen, more precisely, the resulting col-laborations between authors, institutions, and the established networks between the countries that have contributed to the accomplishment of the papers edited in this journal.


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Peñaranda-Ortega, M., Quiñones-Vidal, E., & Osca-Lluch, J. (1). Anales de Psicologia journal from a social networks framework. Anales De Psicología / Annals of Psychology, 25(2), 199-208. Retrieved from

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