• Irene Fernández-Pinto
  • Belén López-Pérez
  • María Márquez
Keywords: empathy, measure, perspective taking, emotion


The aim of the present paper is introducing an empathy revision, considering the main theoretical and methodological contributions. This way, the origins of the term “empathy” are revised. Moreover the history of this concept is studied, giving a reference from the different perspectives: the discussion between both, the social and dispositional views, and the debate between the affective, cognitive and multidimensional approaches. Based on these theoretical frames the different available and main measures are discussed, considering the psychometric properties. In addition, the different studies from neuroscience, individual differences and social psychology are commented about their contributions. The different applications in the organizational and clinical fields are also explained. Finally, a new integrative and multidimensional theoretical model is discussed and it is pointed out the most important questions and problems that should be considered and solved in the present and future research.


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Author Biographies

Irene Fernández-Pinto
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Belén López-Pérez
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
María Márquez
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
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Fernández-Pinto, I., López-Pérez, B., & Márquez, M. (1). EMPATHY: MEASURES, THEORIES AND APPLICATIONS UNDER REVIEW. Anales De Psicología / Annals of Psychology, 24(2), 284-298. Retrieved from https://revistas.um.es/analesps/article/view/42831
Clinical and Health Psychology

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