• Laura Moreno Angel
  • José Manuel Hernández
  • Oscar García Leal
  • José Santacreu Mas
Keywords: tolerance frustration, behavioural tool, personality


The Frustration Tolerance Test is a behavioural tool which represents an alternative to classical self-report to assess tolerance frustration as a behavioural style. A participant is frustration tolerant if he/she maintains a consistent the response tendency in spite of successive failures that can occur while working on the task. The Tolerance Frustration Test consists of a complex perceptual task, designed for computer administration, which has a low number of reinforcements and the possibilities to get them occur in only three specific moments during the test. The participant’s goal is to order several figures which appear on the screen on the basis of their surface area. The system runs through two alternating phases: baseline and test. The task design is described here as well as the main results of two experiments. The overall objective of this paper is to examine the adjustment of the variables and parameters of the Frustration Tolerance Test in order to develop a behavioural tool for the assessment of an interactive style.


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Author Biographies

Laura Moreno Angel
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
José Manuel Hernández
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Oscar García Leal
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
José Santacreu Mas
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
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Moreno Angel, L., Hernández, J. M., García Leal, O., & Santacreu Mas, J. (1). COMPUTERIZED TEST FOR THE TOLERANCE FRUSTRATION ASSESSMENT. Anales De Psicología / Annals of Psychology, 16(2), 143-155. Retrieved from
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