• Juana M. Martínez


In principle, Methodology and Hermeneutical experience are clearly different fields. However, they have a common ground, previous to both: the moment prior to scientific activity. Hermeneutics, as philosophical reflection, shows our historical and linguistic character, which is a condition for understanding. So, it is rather a process than a "method"; it presents the features of the 'phronesis': besides the rational reflection is the practical aspect, the application. The "Hermeneutical experience", as different from the Methodology, includes at least two elements: firstly, its manifestation in the dialogue, where the subject has an active task; secondly, to attend to Husserlian Lebenswelt, which is required for the application of experience to Natural Sciences as vell as Human and Social Sciences.
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M. Martínez, J. (1). METODOLOGÍA Y EXPERIENCIA HERMENÉUTICA. Daimon Revista Internacional De Filosofia, (4), 139-151. Recuperado a partir de