Virtue Perspectivism, Normativity, and the Unity of Knowledge


  • Modesto Gómez Alonso Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca / University of Edinburgh
Palabras clave: Suerte coincidente, Perspectiva epistémica, Ernest Sosa, Adivinación, Conocimiento, Perspectivismo de virtudes


It will be argued that personal agency, far from lacking epistemic value, contributes to knowledge in a substantial way. To this end, it will be claimed that what Sosa calls an epistemic perspective is necessary to solve the binding problem in epistemology at the three junctures at which it can occur: as the Pyrrhonian question of whether one can rationally endorse one’s epistemic rationality; as the problem of the epistemic status of guessing; and as the enquiry into the contribution of the agential perspective for evading coincidental luck. Our aim has been that of elucidating and expanding Sosa’s virtue perspectivism.


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Gómez Alonso, M. (2018). Virtue Perspectivism, Normativity, and the Unity of Knowledge. Daimon Revista Internacional de Filosofia, (75).
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