The Mindfulness- Based Soccer Program (MBSoccerP): Effects on Elite Athletes


  • Bruno Carraça Faculdade de Motricidade Humana-Universidade de Lisboa
  • Sidonio Serpa FMH-Universidade de Lisboa
  • Antonio Rosado FMH-Universidade de Lisboa
  • Joan Palmi INEFC-UDL
Palabras clave: MBSoccerP, Elite Soccer Athletes, Mindfulness, Sport Performance


Newly, 3º wave CBT programs suggest that mindfulness-based programs might be an powerful strategy to optimize performance and improve flow.

The aim of this study was to examine the effectiveness of a mindfulness-based soccer program (MBSoccerP) on elite soccer athletes. In a quasi-experimental design with experimental (n = 28) and control group (n = 29), the effectiveness of MBSoccerP was tested. The results of an analysis of covariance with repeated measures indicate that the intervention group (M=25.68, SD=3.42) significantly improved in FFMQ_Act awareness, FFMQ_Non react, SCS_Mindfulness, SCS_Self-Kindness, SCS_Common-Humanity, DFS2_total, and decreased BSI_Anxiety and AAQ-II, as traits compared to the control group, and increase direct measures scores of sport performance FAIP-A_global and FAIP-T_global performance. Results suggest that MBSoccerP can be effective in enhance elite soccer performance, self-compassion, psychological flexibility, mindfulness and flow.


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Carraça, B., Serpa, S., Rosado, A., & Palmi, J. (2018). The Mindfulness- Based Soccer Program (MBSoccerP): Effects on Elite Athletes. Cuadernos de Psicología del Deporte, 18(3), 62–85. Recuperado a partir de
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