Examining motivational correlates of mental toughness in Spanish athletes


  • O. Alvarez
  • B. Walker
  • I. Castillo
Palabras clave: Coach interpersonal styles, goal orientations, mental toughness, practice intention


Based on Self Determination and Achievement Goal theories, in this study we tested the relationship between perceptions of coaches’ in- terpersonal styles, athlete’s goal orientations, mental toughness (MT) and future intention of sport practice, as well as self-perception of achievement in sport in a sample of 155 athletes (82 men and 73 women) with a mean age of 22.64 + 3.91 years, from 13 teams who completed a questionnaire with the variables of interest for the study. Results revealed that athlete’s perceptions of autonomy supportive interpersonal style positively predic- ted task orientation, while athlete’s perceptions of controlling interpersonal style positively predicted ego orientation. Additionally, task orientation and self-perception of achievement in sport positively predicted MT, which in turn predicted future intention of sport practice. Results emphasize the importance of having coaches promoting autonomy supportive atmosphe- res to facilitate the development of MT in athletes. 


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Alvarez, O., Walker, B., & Castillo, I. (2018). Examining motivational correlates of mental toughness in Spanish athletes. Cuadernos de Psicología del Deporte, 18(1), 141–150. Recuperado a partir de https://revistas.um.es/cpd/article/view/320951
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