Predictors of academic and military achievements in Argentine army students

  • Alejandro Castro Solano
  • María Martina Casullo
Keywords: predictors, students, academic and military achievements


Data on 363 students from an Argentine Military Academy are presented ( 89% men, 11 % females). The age Mean is 20 years old. ( S.D. 2,21). The aim of the study was to identify factors associated with successful and non successful academic and military achievements. The following assessment techniques were administered: Millon Inventory of Personality Styles (MIPS), the Adolescent Coping Scale (ACS), Raven Progressive Matrixes, Sternberg’s Thinking Styles Quetionnaire , SCL-90-R ( Derogatis) and a survey on social support networks. Competence for abstract reasoning as well as hard personality style and coping strategies focused on problem solving are well predictors of successful academic learnings in freshmen students. Graduating students seem to be more independent, less conformist, with less strong social net-works and more intimate personal relationships; their thinking strategies are global and focused on structured problems. Psychological well-being and presence of psychopathological symptoms do not discriminate between successful and non successful army students.


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Author Biographies

Alejandro Castro Solano
Colegio Militar de la Nación Argentina
María Martina Casullo
Universidad de Buenos Aires Argentina
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