The Introduction stage of Basketball players. A view from Basketball Experts


  • A. Santos
  • F. Tavares
Palabras clave: Basketball, Long Term Player Development, Introductory Stage


This study aimed to examine the introduction stage of basketball participants in countries that are ranked within the top 20 basketball countries by FIBA. Through the use of semi structured interviews, data was collected from 16 technical experts from 6 countries. We analysed the introductory phase determining: the age at which participants start in the programs; the different avenues or forms of entry in to the sport; the objectives dened and pursued in these stages; the structure of the competitive contests and the multi-sport involvement and specialization. The data revealed an age range of 5 to 12 years for the introduction of participants to basketball. Various settings for the introduction in the sport were found to exist. USA stands out with a maximum of 7 options. Regarding the main objectives in basketball introduction, the data revealed a balance between the three learning domains, with a slight increase of the armative and psychomotor over the cognitive. In terms of competition there is a common standard across countries that contests during the period of introduction are focused in enjoyment and stimulation. Several strategies are used in all countries, (e.g. reducing the size of the ball, number of players, height of the basket) are used to accommodate the game to the children abilities and to the objectives of the introductory stage. In terms of multi-sport participation and the ages at which specialization in basketball should occur, opinions are favourable to a multi-sport diversication, and the average age of specialization was 15.


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Santos, A., & Tavares, F. (2017). The Introduction stage of Basketball players. A view from Basketball Experts. Cuadernos de Psicología del Deporte, 17(3), 169–174. Recuperado a partir de
Monográfico. Congreso Iberoamericano de Baloncesto-CIB 2016