Analysis of psychological well-being in groups at risk of social exclusion

  • Andrés Escarbajal-Frutos Universidad de Murcia
  • Tomás Izquierdo-Rus Universidad de Murcia
  • Olivia López-Martínez Universidad de Murcia
Keywords: Exclusion, psychology well being, health, inclusion


In this work analyze the psychological well-being as an integral state of health psychological, social and labor, in the groups with risk of social exclusion, understood as the need social, economic, political and cultural participation. In this study use a transversal descriptive methodology. It emphasizes that from a total of 157 participants, most of them presented a medium level of satisfaction in their lives; be found differences statistically not significant based on sex; and to compare the age groups, we found no significant differences in psychological well-being depending on the membership group. This research aims to improve their socio-economic, psychological and personal conditions, as well as to propose alternatives for action to make a more equitable and inclusive society.


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Escarbajal-Frutos, A., Izquierdo-Rus, T., & López-Martínez, O. (2014). Analysis of psychological well-being in groups at risk of social exclusion. Anales De Psicología / Annals of Psychology, 30(2), 541-548.
Social and Organizational Psychology