Analysis of the relationship between mood states and adherence behavior in injured athletes

  • Lucía Abenza
  • Aurelio Olmedilla
  • Enrique Ortega
  • Manuel Ato
  • Alejandro García-Mas
Keywords: Mood state, athletic injuries, rehabilitation, adherence


The purpose of the present study was to analyze the relation-ship between different mood states (tension, depression, anger, vigor, and fatigue) in injured athletes and the athletes' level of adherence to a rehabili-tation program. The sample consisted of five federated athletes of differ-ent sports between the ages of 17 and 21 years who suffered from moder-ate or serious injuries. Both the mood states and the rehabilitation adher-ence were evaluated continuously for 15 days. The results indicate that tension, depression, and anger progress inversely with regard to the level of adherence throughout the process of recuperation. On the other hand, vigor and fatigue demonstrate a parallel progression, such that when the level of adherence is greater, the vigor and fatigue cited by the athletes is also greater. The influence of mood states, associated with the injury, in the adherence behaviors of the athlete is discussed. It seems that they can slow the athletes' process of recuperation; therefore, it may be beneficial for intervention regarding these psychological aspects during the rehabili-tation process.


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Abenza, L., Olmedilla, A., Ortega, E., Ato, M., & García-Mas, A. (1). Analysis of the relationship between mood states and adherence behavior in injured athletes. Anales De Psicología / Annals of Psychology, 26(1), 159-168. Retrieved from
Sport Psychology

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