Fundamentos teóricos en la didáctica de Terminología para la Traducción (francés-español)

  • Lucía Clara Serrano Lucas


Terminology is closely linked to specialised translation, since there is no specialised discourse without the use of terms. Thus, the translator, as a linguistic mediator, has to implement strategies to recognise the terms and translate them appropriately. This is why the study of terminology is essential for a graduate degree in Translation. However, the needs of a translator are different to those of other users of terminology, such as terminologists or specialists, so a specific pedagogical approach is required for the didactic of Translation. In this article, we intend to define this approach through a reflection on the main aspects that should be considered in designing a curriculum in Terminology for translators. This task should be developed from the point of view of the pedagogical objectives, the theoretical and practical contents and the didactic methodology.