La palabra crisis en la prensa: análisis terminológico de cara a la enseñanza y al ejercicio profesional de la traducción socio-económica (francés-español)

  • Francisca García Luque


The crisis currently affecting the global economy has reached almost every social area. The word crisis is playing a leading role in our daily lives and is ever-present in almost every newspaper, where it can be found as a component of different expressions in which it always plays a key part. It would be interesting to analyze the presence of the word crisis in our lexicon and the breadth of permutations generated from such term in order to find an answer to questions such as: Can we talk about a real language of the crisis? Have new expressions been created under the current economic situation? Do ideological biases or the level of specialization of newspapers determine the combination of the terms used? Building on this premise, this paper aims to find an application to the training and professional exercise of specialized translation.