La terminología jurídica en la literatura francesa


  • María del Carmen Aguilar Camacho
Palabras clave: literature, legal terminology, law, term, translation


This work tries to analyze the influence that historic and legal juncture has over Literature. Such influence becomes evident if we focus ourselves on two different aspects: first, the interest that the legal world has in literature and which is apparent in some French literary works, either fiction or real, which deals the legal themes and where we find its subsequent specific terminology; second, the interest of the government’s authority for controlling the style and the fond of every written text independently of its nature, ordering a severe control over the literary production. So, the work is based on the analysis of both, a several literary French works and the most relevant rules on literary documents.


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Aguilar Camacho, M. del C. (2010). La terminología jurídica en la literatura francesa. Anales de Filología Francesa, 18, 5–17. Recuperado a partir de