• A. L. Gallego Real


In this article we try to emphasize the adaptation made by the Solensian author on the basic rules of the Hesiodic didactic genre, taking Opera et Dies as a reference. Arato masks his work under the pretext of the Hesiodic genre to incorporate a new poetry in the style of Calimachus, full of subtlety and intertextuality. It does not mean that we are going to consider Phaenomena as a mere exercise of imitation; our perspective is to show the peculiar adjustment of the genre guidelines and his Hesiodic background as an act of comprehension and evaluation of Phaenomena’s literary value per se.


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A. L. Gallego Real
I.E.S. “Vegas Bajas” Montijo Badajoz
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Gallego Real, A. L. (1). </i>PHAENOMENA<i&gt; COMO GÉNERO HESIÓDICO. Myrtia, 19, 45-68. Recuperado a partir de https://revistas.um.es/myrtia/article/view/46121