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Vol 12, No 1 (2012)

Open Issue

Francisco Gutiérrez Díez (1945-2012). In Memoriam PDF
Rafael Monroy
Towards a Mental Representation of Vowel Height in SSBE Speakers PDF
Kevin Mendousse 1-16
JUST Revisited: Panchronic and Contrastive Insights PDF
Clara Molina, Manuela Romano 17-36
Use of Language Learning Strategies by Spanish Adults for Business English PDF
Jeff Wallace Judge 37-54
Are you with me? A Metadiscursive Analysis of Interactive Strategies in College Students' Course Presentations PDF
Ágnes Magnuczné Godó 55-78
Faster and Further Morphosyntactic Development of CLIL vs. EFL Basque-Spanish Bilinguals Learning English in High-School PDF
Amparo Lázaro 79-96
Pre-service Teachers’ Comparative Analyses of Teacher-/Parent- Child Talk: Making Literacy Teaching Explicit and Children’s Literacy Learning Visible PDF
Shirley O'Neill, Deborah Geoghegan 97-128
Cognitive approaches to L3 acquisition PDF
Maria del Pilar Garcia Mayo 129-146
Online Dictionaries and the Teaching/Learning of English in the Expanding Circle. A Statistical Approach to Term Extraction PDF
Pedro A. Fuertes Olivera, Beatriz Pérez Cabello de Alba 147-166
Gurinder Chadha’s Bride and Prejudice: A Transnational Journey Through Time and Space PDF
Elena Oliete-Aldea 167-182

Book Reviews

Herrera-Soler, H., Martínez-Arias, R. & Amengual-Pizarro, M. (2011). Estadística aplicada a la investigación lingüística (Statistics Applied to Linguistic Research). Madrid: Editorial EOS PDF
Cristina Calle Martínez 187-190
Monroy-Casas, R. (2011). Systems for the Phonetic Transcription of English. Theory and Texts. Frankfurt: Peter Lang PDF
J. Windsor Lewis 191-193
Cameron, L., & Maslen, R. (Eds.). (2010). Metaphor Analysis: Research Practice in Applied Linguistics, Social Sciences and the Humanities. London: Equinox PDF
Jinhua Wu 195-200

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Print ISSN: 1578-7044

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