Analysis of current gender stereotypes

  • Rosario Castillo-Mayén University College Dublin
  • Beatriz Montes-Berges Universidad de Jaén
Keywords: gender stereotypes, dynamic of stereotypes, social roles.


Gender stereotypes are believes about attributes associated to women and men that reveal gender discrimination. In order to identify changes of gender discrimination, the study of the stereotypes that prevail nowadays is essential. Therefore, a scale consists of 258 stereotypic characteristics was elaborated. This scale comprised two versions, one for female and one for male, which permits the understanding of how each gender is perceived currently. Both versions were filled out by 164 undergraduates (50% women). Taking into account those stereotypes that are still differentially assigned to each gender, this study identifies current gender stereotypes that are independent of sociodemographic characteristics, such as age or sex. In addition, new gender stereotypes emerged recently were gathered, and important changes of stereotypes were emphasized, especially those of feminine stereotypes. According to social role theory, these changes are the consequence of social roles changes. Conclusions highlight that, although part of the results involve progress on the achievement of equality, traditional stereotypic characteristics are still ascribed to each gender, which perpetuate discrimination.


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Castillo-Mayén, R., & Montes-Berges, B. (2014). Analysis of current gender stereotypes. Anales De Psicología / Annals of Psychology, 30(3), 1044-1060.
Social Psychology