Use of Language Learning Strategies by Spanish Adults for Business English

  • Jeff Wallace Judge Freelance business English trainer. Walden University alumnus
Keywords: language learning strategies, business tasks, cultural influences, phenomenological research


The aim of this phenomenological study was to explore the language learning strategies (LLSs) of Spanish adults in a business context. The research questions examined the specific LLSs used by Spanish adults in business communication tasks. In addition, this study addressed the cultural influences on LLSs from the Spanish educational system along with the influence from current and historical events in Spain. The conceptual framework was the Oxford LLS model. These qualitative data were collected through 11 semistructured, in- depth interviews with Spanish business people who use English in their work and who studied English in Spanish secondary school. The data were analyzed following a typological analysis. The results show a strong tendency towards cognitive, metacognitive, and social strategies in business tasks. Cultural influences include the media, past political situation in Spain, and general issues in the English class in Spanish secondary schools.

Author Biography

Jeff Wallace Judge, Freelance business English trainer. Walden University alumnus

Has been teaching foreign languages since 1994. He currently teaches business English around the Barcelona area in multinational companies. He offers in- company, online, and blended learning formats. He developed and uses his own e-learning platform to enhance his teaching with companies. He also teaches English in several universities such as Esade, Tecnocampus, and the Escola Superior de Comerç Internacional. He completed his PhD in education from Walden University with a specialization in adult education.

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Judge, J. W. (2012). Use of Language Learning Strategies by Spanish Adults for Business English. International Journal of English Studies, 12(1), 37-54.