Anti-gypsyism, racial knowledge and colonial amnesia


  • Giovanni Picker University of Glasgow


This intervention brings together insights from race critical theories and

historical sociology to provide a framework for understanding the longstanding

racism against Romani people across Europe. It directly draws on Picker's 2017

monograph Racial Cities , and argues that in order to understand the racial

segregation of Romani people in Europe, racial knowledge and colonial amnesia

should be squarely placed at the core of analytical scrutiny and political

intervention. The reason for this is that when looking at several cases of urban

authorities' actions on Romani people in 21st-century Europe, key similarities

can be detected with colonial authories's actions on "natives" in the cities of

European empires.


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Biografía del autor/a

Giovanni Picker, University of Glasgow

Giovanni Picker is Lecturer in Sociology at Glasgow University, UK. He is the

author of Racial Cities: Governance and the Segregation of Romani People in

Urban Europe [Routledge 2017] and co-editor of Racialized Labour in Romania:

Spaces of Marginality at the Periphery of Global Capitalism [Palgrave 2018]. His

work appeared in journals including, among others, International Journal of

Urban and Regional Research, Social Identities, CITY, International Sociology.

Identities and Journal of Contemporary Ethnography. Giovanni is also the

coordinator for Central and Eastern Europe and Russia of the Amsterdam-based,

independent Summer School on Black Europe: Interrogating Citizenship, Race

and Ethnic Relations.


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