Sport Psychology: Some new proposals being developed

  • Francisco J. Ortín-Montero University of Murcia
  • Francisco Moya-Faz Catholic University of Murcia
  • Enrique J. Garcés de los Fayos University of Murcia
Keywords: Sport psychology, monograph, scientific development, research, sport science.


This introduction should serve as a framework for the following monograph. While it is true that other authors have examined the discipline of sport psychology, the majority of them have done so from a very generalist perspective. For possibly the first time, there has been an attempt to rely on specialists who, from a very precise proposal, have offered us unique approaches with a wide scientific foundation applied to this area of study. A theoretical framework that adequately delimits the structure of this proposal regarding sport psychology is presented.


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Ortín-Montero, F. J., Moya-Faz, F., & Garcés de los Fayos, E. J. (2013). Sport Psychology: Some new proposals being developed. Anales De Psicología / Annals of Psychology, 29(3), 633-636.
Tema monográfico: Psicología del Deporte, algunas nuevas propuestas de desarrollo