Information Management, today and tomorrow


  • Thomas Daniel Wilson
Palabras clave: Information Management, Information Market, Integrated Content Management


It aims to provide a panoramic view of the current Information Management, from the point of view of the activities in this field. It tries to make a forecast about the future of the professional profile of the managers of information. Today there is a tangible relationship between the concepts of Information Management and Information Systems. Thus, the information manager should have a strong background in the design of information systems and Information Technology. At the same time, it should be that organizations need to integrate information management systems, both at the departmental level, as well as information from outside the organization. Different reports and studies highlight that despite the existence of tools for developing embedded systems, many organizations lack a unified approach to information management. This deficiency is due, on one hand the limited financial resources to invest in appropriate systems and the other to the inadequacy of these systems to the real needs of the organization, such as physical and logical security of the data, management of unstructured information and decentralization of information management processes. It identifies a future trend towards the integration of Document Management, Web Content Management and Records Management. This integration is done through groupware and workflow mechanisms and taking into account the digitization of paper documents to digital format. It concludes by emphasizing the need to monitoring marketplace of information systems to identify areas of research and improve academic programs.


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