Organ specificity of the structural organization and fine distribution of lymphatic capillary networks: Histochemical study


  • Seiji Kato


lymphatics, histochemistry, alkaline phosphatase, 5'-Nucleotidase, diaminopeptidase, blood capillary, microcirculation


Histochemical studies of the microcirculatory system were reviewed with regard to the organ specificity of the structural organization and fine distribution of the lymphatic capillary network. The lymphatics and blood vessels are characterized by an enzyme-histochemical method using 5'-nucleotidase (5'- Nase), alkaline phosphatase (ALPase) andlor diaminopeptidase (DAPase) staining in additon to an immunohistochemical method. The 5'-Nase-positive lymphatic vessels can be distinguished histochemically from arterial and venous vessels based on ALPase and DAPase activity, respectively. The specificity and localization of the enzyme reactions were confirmed by comparative histochemical studies of the same specimen with light microscopy and scanning or transmission electron microscopy. These histochemical methods are discussed in relation to their ability to demonstrate the organ specificity of vascular networks under normal and pathological conditions.




Invited Reviews