Expression of galectin-l and -3 and of accessible binding sites during murine hair cycle


  • Uwe Wollina
  • D. Lange
  • R. Paus
  • M. Burchert
  • H. J. Gabius


galectins, galectin-binding sites, hair cycle


Although protein-carbohydrate interactions are supposed to play key roles in cell adhesion, signalling and growth control. Their exact role in skin physiology has only recently been investigated. The endogenous lectins galectin-l and galectin-3 have been identified in skin including hair follicles. Here, we analyzed the expression and distribution of these galectins and their binding sites in C57BL/6 mice during hair cycle. The expression of galectin-l and galectin-3 binding sites was found to be predominantly hair cycledependent showing some overlapping to the expression of galectin-l and -3. The outer root sheath (ORS) expressed galectin-l binding sites during anagen IV to V1 and in early catagen, whereas galectin-l was expressed from early anagen to late catagen. The ORS expressed galectin-3 binding sites during catagen transition corresponding to a galectin-3 expression during anagen V and catagen. The innermost layer of the ORS expressed galectin-3 binding sites during anagen V1 until catagen VIII, but galectin-3 during anagen I11 to IV and catagen. The inner root sheath (IRS) expressed galectin-3 binding sites only in anagen IV but missed expression of any of the two galectins. The matrix cells expressed galectin-3 binding sites in catagen 11-111 as well as galectin-3 during anagen V to catagen IV. The present study provides the first evidence for a cyclerelated expression of both galectin-l and -3 and their binding sites during murine hair cycle.