Synaptic behaviour of some structural and numerical chromosome anomalies in female and male rats (Rattus norvegicus)


  • M. Garcia
  • l. Martínez Flores
  • J. Egozcue
  • Ll. Cabero


meiosis, synaptic adjustment, synaptonemal complexes


The processes of synapsis and synaptic adjustment have been detected in some structural and numerical anomalies in two female rat foetuses and in one male rat in the course of a stu.dy on X-ray genotoxicity.

The synaptic characteristics and adjustment of one pericentric inversion and a deletion have been analysed by electron microscopy in synaptonemal complex spreads from two female foetuses, and the synaptic behaviour of a trisomy has been studied in a testicular biopsy from an adult male. In a large proportion (frorn 50% to 90%) of the analysed cells, the abnormal meiotic configuration could not be detected either because the anomaly was present in mosaic from trisomy or because synaptic adjustment had already taken place (inversion) or as result of a combination of two of the above (deletion).