Expression of the retinoblastoma-related p107 and Rb2/p130 genes in human placenta: an immunohistochemicaI study


  • I. Cavallotti
  • L. De Luca
  • A. D'Aponte
  • M. De Falco
  • F. Acanfora
  • M. L. Visciano
  • L. Gualdiero
  • B. De Luca
  • A. Baldi
  • A. De Luca


Rb2Ip130, p107, retinoblastoma, immunohistochemistry, placenta


It has been proposed that tumor suppressor genes may have a role in the mechanisms of proliferation and differentiation during human placental development. The Retinoblastoma gene family is a well known family of tumor suppressor genes. Many studies have pointed out a role of this family not only in cell cycle progression, but also during development and differentiation. On the light of these observations we have investigated the immunohistochemical expression pattern of the Retinoblastoma family members, p107 and Rb2/p130 in human placenta samples in first trimester and full-term placental sections. p107 and pRb2lp130 showed the most abundant expression levels during the first trimester of gestation and progressively declined to being barely detectable in the placenta by late gestation. These results indicate that the expression of the above genes is modulated during placental development and suggest a mechanism for controlling trophoblast proliferation.