Determinación de proteínas en hojas de Citrus. II. Extracción, fraccionamiento y cuantificación

  • A. L. García
  • J. Sánchez Rojas


The extraction conditions for the chloroplastic and citoplasmic proteins of the Vema lemon tree leaves physiologically normáis are estudiad, chosing disgregation methods and extractants. For the citoplasmic proteins, tris-glycine-glucose (TGG) is selected as extractant (eluent), being stablished the action of each one of their components and the optimum pH. Likewise, it is tested that the adition to the buffer solution of different protective substances relatives to the formation of protein-quinone complex, do not improve the bioffer quality. The sedimentations conditions for chloroplasts are the foUowing: 6000 X g during 45 minutes using as the more appropiate extractein (eluent) for the chloroplastic protein, the sodium dodecil sulphate at a concentration of 0,5 %. A fractionation of the citoplasmic proteins, using amonium sulphate and trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is made. The chloroplastic proteins are divided at the same time in soluble and insoluble.