Media Aesthetics: Two Examples in the Spanish Art

  • F. R. Contreras Universidad de Sevilla
  • Pedro Antonio Hellin Ortuño Universidad de Murcia
Palabras clave: Aesthetic, Art, Machine Intervention, Technology, Postmodern Period, Culture.


This article unveils an aesthetic based on the intervention of machinery into creative art procedures. The study goes deeply into a machine-related aesthetic from philosophic reflections, which range from the incursions of, firstly, optical technologies (photography, cinematography) and then electronic technologies (videograph, computer graphics, networks). The research throws new light on the notion of Media Art. The media have opened up to artists the possibilities of the laboratory for aesthetic experimentation and the innovative inter-relationship of art, science, and technology. 

In this sense, the text demonstrates how new media creativity experiments with forms more representative of postmodern thinking.  For the purposes of a better exemplification of the question raised, this article has briefly analysed the works of two Spanish artists, representative of the two different phases. The first example opens with the commencement of an incipient Media Art in the technological and mystical ruminations of José Val del Omar. In the second example, the contemporary evolution into internet experimentation of Antoni Muntadas is demonstrated.