Stereotypes and prejudices in pre-service physical education teachers towards immigrants

J.C. Pastor-Vicedo, O.R. Contreras-Jordán, P. Gil-Madrona, R. Cuevas-Campos


The purpose of this study was to nd out which stereotypes pre- vail in future Physical Education (PE) teachers when asked about immi- grant population and to see if within that stereotype, there are subtle or blatant racist attitudes, as well as egalitarian attitudes. A sample of 2524 volunteer pre-service Physical Education teachers (PPET) was used to par- ticipate in this study. A questionnaire on Racist Stereotypes in Ini- tial Training of PE Teachers and a Subtle and Blatant Prejudice Scale were used. Descriptive, univariate and multivariate statistics were used to analyse the information gathered. e data showed PPET with a false tolerant stereotype, where the contextual variables gender and religious preference were crucial, since the boys respect girls, as well as Catholics regard non-believers or other religions, they are reected less egalitarian stereotypes. 

Palabras clave

physical education, attitudes, racism, student, teachers.

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