Predictive and incremental validity of a dynamic assessment device on academic performance and progress in reading.

Juan J. Navarro, Joaquín Mora


The present study focuses on establishing the predictive validity of dynamic assessment device of processes involved in reading tasks, in relation to school performance and progress of reading comprehension difficulties children (RD). We also analyse to what extent the results obtained offer additional information to the one provided by static assessment tests on reading comprehension or cognitive performance. With this aim, we used two external criteria: (a) the teacher´s assessment of academic performance and progress, and (b) the qualifications in the area of Language. The sample consisted of 60 students between 9 and 16 years who were applied the device. Dynamic scores showed significant predictive validity on school performance and progress. Likewise, dynamic scores showed a significant incremental validity in relation to the prediction based on static tests of reading comprehension and evaluation of the IQ. We discuss the possible causal mechanisms related to the dynamic assessment approach and the specific content of the activities as factors that could explain the results.


Dynamic assessment; reading achievement; reading difficulties; reading comprehension; incremental validity.

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