Coverage and overlap of the Web of Science and Scopus in the analysis of the Spanish scientific activity in Psychology

Julia Osca-Lluch, Sandra Miguel, Claudia González, María Peñaranda-Ortega, Elena Quiñones-Vidal


The main objective of this study is to figure out the volume and evolution of the Spanish scientific production in Psychology based in the data provided by the databases Web of Science (Thomson Reuters) and Scopus (Elsevier) during the years 2000-2009. It is proposed to determine which are the scientific journals used by most Spanish psychologists to spread their research at an international level; and to compare the coverage and overlap of the journals and documents that are present in both databases. Quantitative data is offered, as well as the possible correlation between both databases is studied and the overlap of documents and journals is analyzed, such as the increase model that is present and the dispersion of the articles, among others. The results demonstrate that both information systems are complementary but not exclusive, as well as the relevance and importance of the Spanish journals in Psychology which use the diffusion of the research in this discipline in the international science context.


Scientific journals; Scopus; Web of Science; Spain

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