Sexual Functioning, Sexual Satisfaction, and Subjective and Psychological Well-being in Spanish Women

José Antonio Carrobles, Manuel Gámez Guadix, Carmen Almendros


The current study investigated the association between sexual functioning, sexual satisfaction and psychological well-being in a sample of Spanish women. The participants were 157 female university students who completed questionnaires regarding their sexuality. Independent variables were various dimensions of sexual functioning, including orgasm likelihood, sexual assertiveness, physical and sexual attractiveness, sexual anxiety, sexual motivation, sexual esteem, and cognitive distraction during sex. The results indicated that sexual assertiveness, sexual anxiety, and sexual motivation were strong predictors of sexual satisfaction. It was also found that the main factors related to psychological well-being were sexual satisfaction and physical and sexual attractiveness. The findings show the va- riables most strongly associated with sexual satisfaction and highlight the role of sexual satisfaction and sense of attractiveness in psychological wellbeing of women. Results are discussed with regard to directions for future research.


sexual satisfaction; psychological and subjective well-being; sexual functioning; sexual anxiety; sexual assertiveness; female sexuality

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